On behalf of Florida History Fair (FHF) Coordinators Trampas Alderman and Sara Brockman. we wish to express sincere appreciation for the continued sponsorship of the Holocaust Education Award by the DOE Commissioner’s Task Force on Holocaust Education. Your support has helped to enhance the teaching and learning of history for students in grades six to twelve throughout the state.

Attached please find a photograph of the student who received the 2015 Holocaust Education Award. This image was taken on May 5 at the FHF Awards Ceremony at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. Olivia Schmeits attends Sarasota Middle School in Sarasota County. Her teacher is Jennifer Jaso. The title of her Junior Individual Exhibit was “Gerard Schmeits: One Man’s Perseverance to Defy the Nazi.”

Please share our heartfelt thanks with the members of your commission. Florida History Fair staff look forward to working with you again.

The Department of State is committed to excellence.

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